Rihanna's Instagram Greatest Hits: Reefer, Chris Brown, Thongs, and Side-Boob

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The side boob is after the jump. 
WTF is Rihanna thinking when she tweets a picture of her bare-ass b-b-b-bootay in a G-string, under the obviously phony-baloney guise of showing off a pair of newly purchased boots? 

That question is rhetorical. We already have some ideas behind what could possibly be motivating one of the biggest pop stars in the world to be acting a fool on Instagram.  
rihanna week bouquet.jpg
5. Rihanna's Judgment Is Impaired Because She's High as Hell
Marijuana has not been known to enhance a toker's ability to make good decisions. After a few tugs off a didgeridoo that has been refashioned into a multichambered megabong, paying rent, doing laundry, and maintaining a discrete, positive public image no longer seem like values worth upholding.

And that's why chronic smokers of chronic are known to never have money on the first of the month, are always wearing the same stained-and-ripped clothing, and can't help but upload pictures of sticky icky to the internet. All of those things are bad ideas turned good ideas via a lil' somethin' somethin' called TH fucking C.


4. Rihanna Wants to Convince You That She and Chris Brown Should Be Together
Ri-ri wants you to "Like" them as a couple again, which is why she is constantly dropping pix of them together, usually canoodling. Every time it happens, the internet howls like a coyote damned by its coyote gods to forever wander an existential desert of total isolation. But maybe she thinks that after enough time, we'll all be so smitten with her retro-filtered make-out shots that we'll forget all about that time YOU KNOW WHO did YOU KNOW WHAT.

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Agreed this guy writes about a-lot of dumb shit. 


This article=FAIL...LOL who writes stuff about what a frickin singer post on intagram..is this what your life has come to?  SMH..AND to top this off your a DUDE 

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