Justin Bieber vs. Lindsay Lohan: Who is The Bigger Loser?

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Is Lohan a Loser? Or is it actually Bluntin' Bieber that should have a big red 'L' tattooed onto his forehead? 
Yesterday, TMZ reported that Justin Bieber had woken up on the wrong side of the bong - excuse us - wrong side of the bed, and was talkin' some mad smack about Lindsay Lohan for no good reason.

Before noon, Le Biebz and his PRmy had already issued an apology.

But County Grind isn't satisfied. When Bieber went out of his way to mock Lindsay and her financial woes - a cheap-and-smarmy way to brag about his own success - he employed a five letter word that we don't lightly 'round these parts.

We'll give you a hint. It starts with the letter "L" and ends with "oser."

Calling someone a "loser" is mean. And we're not even entirely sure Justin has much of a case.

When you're Lindsay Lohan, a mugshot is a really expensive Instagrammy, but with orange jumpsuits and #nofilter all the time.

The Case For Lindsay Lohan's Loserdom
OK, fine. Homegirl has some problems. And most of them are drugs. Although you might argue that drugs are merely surface symptoms of more deeply-rooted psychological disorder. But you're probably an excuses-and-scams addict yourself, ya freakin' junkie.

Is Justin Bieber's addiction to marijuana turning him into a loser? And did it kill his pet hamster?

Reasons Why One Might Consider Justin Bieber a Loser
1. He is a lowly worm-slave to the mighty deity he worships: Cannabis.
2. His reefer habit is so out of control that he has been showing up late to concerts and inspiring arenas full of his own fucking fans to boo him and call him a salty fancy boy.
3. That's on a good day. On a bad day, the concert doesn't even happen because tickets are selling like beepers.
4. He got so high that his decision-making processes fell to pieces and he recklessly gave some strange trick his pet hamster, much to the chagrin of the California Hamster Association. And the CHA was right! Because Bluntin' Bieber was so god damn stoned and irresponsible, that hamster is dead as shit!

If you ask us, the Bieber doth protest too much!

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