Hurly Burly Burlesque Shares Its Favorite 1980s Videos

Move over, bedazzled bodices, feather frocks, and rhinestone pasties. There's a new burlesque in town. And if you're thinking Hurly Burly Burlesque is anything like those muscly, baby-oil-slathered, overly tanned Chippendale's dudes, think again. What this gritty, bearded, tattooed and, well, fitness-disinclined band of burlyesque "dancers" brings is beyond your wildest, or furriest, dreams.

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This weekend, the boys are back at 5 Points Lounge to shamelessly mock the 1980s with a video party. Let's hope for a sensual rendition of "Love Bites" or perhaps a hair-swinging strip tease to "Every Rose Has Its Thorn." We'd be lying if we said weren't looking forward to a little of their sugar-pouring, Camero-humping, high-waisted denim-shorts-wearing strutting.

They'll project hours of '80s bangers, complemented by a slew of half nekkid dudes. In honor of this flashback ("Flashdance," anyone?) Friday-night party, we asked the Hurly Burly-ers to give us their top five fave 1980s music videos, which, we're told, may or may not be part of their routine. 
5. Weird Al - "Ricky"
"Seriously," the Hurlys told us, "this was just going to be a list of Weird Al videos, but we wanted to give other artist a chance to shine." So enjoy some vintage Weird Al goodness.

4. A-Ha - "Take on Me" 
"Music videos get artsy, and kinda creepy,
" the boys said of this classic. Creepy, yes. We and everyone we know have also been guilty of a drunken singalong to this guy.

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The following is the thread in it's entirety. Only the last names have been shorten to ensure privacy of 3rd party participants. This is not meant to condone or condemn the actions of any participants. It is merely to provide context to those with outside perspectives. Please be warned that the following does contain adult language, topics and material that may be found offensive.  

Timmy F.

March 1 at 10:43pm in Lake Worth · 

Someties you find your people — with Garrett B. and Jessie P. at Harry's Banana FARM.

Ryan M:  Ummmmm. Who's Jessie p??

March 2 at 1:44am

Timmy F:  Idk, some skirt.

March 2 at 2:17am

Jessie P:  Wow .. Fuck you too turd. Hate you. DTBBFBFFMPP

March 3 at 3:23pm

Garrett B:  Jessie P, you're a woman, it's not like you have a personality or anything

March 3 at 3:38pm

Jessie P:  Hate you too Garrett B .. The only issue with my personality is that I'm a poor judge of character because I'm alright with hangin out with you fucks

March 3 at 3:43pm

Ana R:  wow sexism is so funny when you're a white male! how witty and original if you forget about the history of humankind... yay! hilarious! joke's on us women again! and YOU don't have to deal with it everyday nor worry about rape nor any of the consecuenses of propagating sexism and belittleing women... enjoy your fun boys...its still one out of three raped for us women and domestic violence is still off the charts... go ahead and keep joking about it cus its fucking hilarious. TELL me its just a joke and i need to get a sense of humor, I fucking DARE you. Fucking ASSHOLES.

March 3 at 3:49pm

Billy H:  I'm only commenting so I can see responses. I don't actually care.

March 3 at 3:57pm

Sarah M:  Wait, did someone say that men don't have to worry about rape? Because I'm pretty sure they do also, even if it may not be in the numbers we see in women. I think that was about as sexist as the joke at hand here.

March 3 at 4:02pm 

Sarah M:  Also, men aren't a victim of sexism just like women? They don't deal with it every day either? The point is, I get it, and would consider my self a feminist to the core. But you are making a terrible impression when you are letting your feelings and emotions take over a very serious issue to the point where you forget to focus on all sexes... and focus on one.

March 3 at 4:05pm

Jessie P: Timmy F Garrett B .... Look.. Look what you did.

March 3 at 4:12pm

Garrett B:  Timmy F, Jessie P, and myself are three consenting adults who like to hang out and poke fun at each other. We have done it on several occasions and I'm pretty sure we have enough respect and maturity that if one of us was offended by the other to look at that person and say enough is enough. How this turned into a soapbox is beyond me.

March 3 at 4:16pm


March 3 at 4:17pm

Jessie P:  I love Facebook shitstorms ..

March 3 at 4:24pm

Timmy F:  ana, not everything is a giant attack on womanhood. we joke around w each other because we're adults and we understand that none of these comments are serious. if you keep taking offense, i think you should stop communicating with me by facebook. i don't appreciate your high-horse bullshit, especially since you know that in person and practice i support everyone's individual right to be themselves with no consequence or blow back. i love you, friend, but you need to dial it back a bit. i never type anything serious on facebook because it's FACEBOOK!

March 3 at 4:24pm

Timmy F:  additionally, Ana, don't preach to me about my misogyny: i hate both genders the same. i hate EVERYTHING the same. it's my great equalizer.

March 3 at 4:28pm

Sarah M:  Equal opportunity hater.

March 3 at 4:29pm

Timmy F:  exactly. ask anyone who knows me. i hate all of existence, just a smidgen less than i hate myself. it's one of my superpowers.

March 3 at 4:31pm

Timmy F:  Jessie P, this is all your fault. because you're a woman.

March 3 at 4:35pm

Timmy F:  hispanic women are the root of all evil...

March 3 at 4:35pm

Timmy F:  FLAME WAR!!!!!

March 3 at 4:35pm

Billy H:  Timmy tried to slip something in my drink..... his dick.

March 3 at 4:39pm

Timmy F:  btw, the funny thing here is that the three people who were actually originally involved in this conversation did not take offense to anything said, because we're all real adult human beings with senses of humor. it took a fucking psychotic to blow this up. goddamned hippies ruin everything.

March 3 at 4:45pm

Ryan M:  ...Soooooo anyways....who's this Jessie girl again??

March 3 at 6:18pm

Timmy F:  My buddy, shitknuckes aka bffdtbbfmpp

March 3 at 6:27pm

Jessie P:  Bffdtbbfmppdtr

March 4 at 12:05am



let's burn these racists garbage! Follow me @DanLuby1 on Twitter, so we can take down this well oiled mahine!


Any self respecting Christian should be appalled at these hairy, disgusting filthy men!  Especially with those off color jokes.  When He comes back to judge us, maybe they'll clean up their acts.


The Hurly Burly troupe leader is racists and sexist and i don't think he has any business in burlesque...i found rape jokes, racists jokes on his facebook and when my friend told him she was offended he became more offensive and made more rape jokes...These men have no business in a WOMANS art form-they are incappable of respecting it! Do what you want in your every day life but if you are trying to be a part of an age old womans art form you might want to watch your tongue. Heres 2 of the jokes directly copied from facebook- Timmy Fine hispanic women are the root of all evil...
March 3 at 4:35pm · Like

  and Timmy Fine So a little girl & a child molester are walking into the woods & the little girl looks up at the child molester & says "it's dark, i'm scared" & the child molester looks down at the little girl & says "you're scared, shit-i gotta walk back by myself!"
Monday at 10:23am via mobile · Like · 3

 and my all time fave!!! Kenneth Colin Hays "How many 9/11's does it take to rape a dead baby in the ass?"
Monday at 11:55am via mobile · Like · 3Timmy Fine Is the answer "mohammed"?
Monday at 12:16pm via mobile · Like



Ana  R:  wow you're too cool and too adult for me.. i'll be happy to stop facebook interactions with you clusterfuck.You say rape jokes, you make sexist and belittleing jokes about women ALL the time and i've called you out in person and otherwise. If you ever wanna have a conversat ion in person about this shit and/or your treatment of women in general i still have feedback for you.

March 4 at 8:41am

Billy H:  ^are you for hire? I want you for my birthday. Something tells me you know how to get a crowd going.

March 4 at 8:43am

Kenneth H:  I guess "sometimes you don't find your people" too.

March 4 at 9:34am

Ana R:  billy, i'm the funnest mutherfucker i know..i just dont think sexism, racism,rape or other people's oppression is funny. My point is that as a dude its very convenient to think sexism is funny even when those at the butt of the joke are obviously not having fun.I'm not the only woman who's been mentioning this shit to Tim. Sometime. you don't find your people too haha now that's funny

March 4 at 9:51am

Timmy F:  I want none of your feedback. I'm pretty clear on your position: you are no fun on this subject and you take shit WAY too seriously.

March 4 at 10:07am

Jessie P:  I'm obviously having fun... All the goddamn time

March 4 at 10:08am

Billy H:  So.... you do birthday parties?

March 4 at 10:08am

Timmy F:  Ps, i obviously love sexism, rape & oppression because i'm always doing that stuff in my daily life. Also, clubbing baby seals & cannibalizing orphans.

March 4 at 10:09am

Billy H:  We talked about orphans Saturday.

March 4 at 10:10am

Jessie P:  So Timmy Fine, I got this baby, and I'm real hungry. But I can't finish it alone..

March 4 at 10:10am

Kenneth H:  We talked about orphans A LOT Saturday.

March 4 at 10:11am

Billy H:  Don't rape it. Eat it.

March 4 at 10:12am

Timmy F:  i am consistant with my conversations. also, i officially love this thread like a child. Thanks, guys!

March 4 at 10:12am

Jessie P:  Rape it, then eat it..

March 4 at 10:13am

Timmy F:  Only if it bleeds

March 4 at 10:14am

Jessie P:  And then make a joke about it.

March 4 at 10:14am

Billy H:  Guys I'm uncomfortable. I think I should be able to limit your freedom of speech to accommodate my inability to not associate with people who make these jokes. Please, don't joke about things that offend anybody, ever. Lets just sit in silence.

March 4 at 10:15am

Timmy F:  ...

March 4 at 10:16am

Timmy F:  All this talk about objectifying women makes me want to hit the strip club...any joiners?

March 4 at 10:18am

Billy H:  Only if they're also part time sex workers.

March 4 at 10:19am

Jessie P:  Joining

March 4 at 10:19am

Billy H:  Wanna hear a non offensive joke?

March 4 at 10:19am

Timmy F:  Yup

March 4 at 10:19am

Jessie P:  Nope

March 4 at 10:19am

Jessie P:  Alright fine

March 4 at 10:20am

Timmy F:  Alright P

March 4 at 10:20am

Billy H:  So a retarder rapist walks into an abortion clinic and punches a fat girl in the cunt..... something else happens, and fuck minorities.

March 4 at 10:21am

Jessie P:  I fuckin love you Tim

March 4 at 10:21am

Billy H:  Retarded* fuck.

March 4 at 10:21am

Jessie P:  I like "retarder" better

March 4 at 10:22am

Billy H:  My errors keep me humble. That and my baby penis. That I force into women.

March 4 at 10:23am

Billy H: Felice R [girlfriend]is my favorite to rape. She loves it.

March 4 at 10:23am

Timmy F:  So a little girl & a child molester are walking into the woods & the little girl looks up at the child molester & says "it's dark, i'm scared" & the child molester looks down at the little girl & says "you're scared, shit-i gotta walk back by myself!"

March 4 at 10:23am

Billy H: Ha!

March 4 at 10:24am

Garrett B:  Best joke Sarah Silverman ever told.

March 4 at 10:25am

Billy H:  I love how there was zero rape on this thread until it was said that there was rape.

March 4 at 10:26am

Timmy F: I had that shit way before sarah silverman & we didn't get really inappropriate about anything until someone accused us of being inappropriate.

March 4 at 10:59am

Kenneth H: "How many 9/11's does it take to rape a dead baby in the ass?"

March 4 at 11:55am

Timmy Fine: Is the answer "mohammed"?

March 4 at 12:16pm

Kenneth H: The more offensive the answer the better the joke.

March 4 at 12:



Am I to understand that men cannot be prostitutes because it is a woman's age old business and/or medium of expression? (Some people just love being paid to screw and pride themselves on their skills, making it their own personal art form). Or men can't care for children and manage the household because it's historically and conventionally female? By your logic, I can't be president, or a professional hockey player, or a philosopher because I'm a woman and those are, -historically-, all male positions. 

Yeah.. who exactly is the sexist? 

I've seen the show. If anyone is getting debased and sexualized it's these hard working men taking their clothes off for my dirty, dirty money. 

I'm offended like your friend. I'm offended by your poor spelling and grammar skills, and also by your highly illogical thought process and your inability to examine context clues. Because of this I'd like to ask that you remove your text, which offends me, and please remove your brain, which also offends me. I'm just trying to get by on the internet by asking everyone else to be exactly like me, instead of going on with my life and ignoring comments that are obviously meant to be comical. I just want to live peacefully and unchallenged while browsing kitty pictures and recipes on my facebook feed. 


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