German Garcia Wants to Be an EDM Inspiration, "Not Like an Avicii, Surrounded by Girls and Ferarris"

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West Palm Beach based German Garcia

In order to make it, a lot of musicians either go commercial or step over people to get ahead. Basically, give up their originality or turn into an asshole. Both of which pretty much suck.

That's the antithesis to West Palm Beach-based DJ German Garcia's approach. The Uruguayan-naitve recently started up his own label, Xima records with good friend and colleague Patrick M, resident DJ at Space. Their main goal: highlight local artists with an underground sound. As part of Vibe Music Week -- a set of EDM-centered events running in conjunction with Winter Music Conference -- Garcia will be featuring some of his artists and some of his own new tracks. 

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Xima specializes in deep techno and tribal house. "We're pretty much going for a somewhat underground sound," said Garcia, "Not commercial sound. Not the radio sound on Power 96 or other stations. I'm not knocking what they do, but we're going to make music for DJs to play. That's how you build an artist: through recognition of other artists."

Garcia and Patrick M first held a showcase for the label Saturday, March 2, at Space. While they plan to hold another release sometime in the next month (the exact date is still uncertain), Garcia will be presenting the label and some of the artists at Vibe on Thursday, March 21, and Friday, March 22, at the Mondrian, South Beach for WMC. Garcia, who really likes the intimate space and sound of the club, spoke to Vibe entertainment director Adam Foster about holding the Xima showcase before WMC, but the two felt better about holding it during Vibe Music Week. "During the conference people might not come up to the DJ booth asking for Rihanna," said Garcia, "Vibe is known for being a bit more commercial. I bring a lot of a capellas to make people happy. But the guys I'm bringing are house dudes and they're not going to have commercial stuff."

Garcia has always been somewhat adverse to mainstream musical tastes. At around fourteen years old he started DJing with tape players and a mixer in his bedroom. He had a group of about fifteen to twenty friends who were into electronic music, but it was far from the norm. At the time, most of his schoolmates were listening to metal. "Everyone was listening to Megadeath and Metallica," he said, "If you listened to electronic music you were a dumbass, so we kind of kept to ourselves."

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