Drake's 50K Strip Club Spree, and Five Better Ways He Could Have Spent the Cash

Drake doesn't just have "Money to Blow..." He's got a lot of money to blow!
TMZ reports that rapper/singer Drake dropped (flung, threw, tossed, etc.) $50,000 at a strip club in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Apparently Drizzy and his posse rolled in with a cardboard box loaded with dough.

And then proceeded to make it rain. Profusely. Like, Old Testament-flood style.

As post-Enlightenment secular humanists, we can't help but feel like he could have used the money a little more wisely. So, here are five better ways that drake could have spent 50K, instead of on lap dances.

5. Drake Could Have Saved the Music
Every dollar that a stripper clasps with her quaking, clapping mammoth ass-cheeks is another dollar that doesn't go toward teaching Tiny Tim how to become the next Drake. Somebody buy that little git a melodica or something already.


4. Drake Could Have Paid His Lawyers
You tryin' to tell us the lawsuit the CMYM star is embroiled in against pop-rap-R&B peer Chris Brown is cheap? 'Cause we're almost certain it costs at least the price of 30 minutes in VIP.

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