Daft Punk at Ultra 2013: Five Signs the Robots Are Coming to UMF!

Photo by S. Pajot
There are robot masks in Miami's streets.

What are the odds of electro-mechanical machines (manufactured in France) descending upon Ultra Music Festival 2013 to enslave the EDM generation?

We'd say the chances of a sudden and unsuspected robot invasion at UMF probably hover around 13 percent.

Oh ... You mean the likelihood of notoriously secretive and borderline reclusive French dance music duo Daft Punk playing the Ultra main stage at some point in the next 31 hours?

Probably nil. But there have been at least five signs the robots might be coming to UMF!

Photo by Jose D. Duran

Robot Billboards!
The earliest indication that Daft Punk could possibly (but probably not) be planning a shocking Ultra cameo was a billboard that popped up in an empty lot adjacent to the UMF grounds. Sure, this stunt is likely part of the Punk pair's marketing campaign for the May release of new album, Random Access Memories. 'Cause, like, that's the album art.

But few weeks earlier, the fest's cofounder Russell Faibisch had promised Crossfade something "bigger than Madonna" for 2013. So we got (foolishly) giddy.

Photo by S. Pajot

Robot Masks!
Yesterday, though, there was another sign ... The streets surrounding Ultra Music Festival were littered with cardboard robot masks! And yeah, we tried not to get too amped up. But then we walked a another couple of blocks ...

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The masks and billboards were at SXSW too, its just promotional material for the new album

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