Ten Sexiest Photos from Paul Oakenfold's Set at Gryphon Nightclub, Hollywood

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paul oakenfold-96.jpg
Monica McGivern
If you were beaten by the bass and trance-ported to a divine electronic headspace this weekend, you were definitely '90s-tripping to Paul Oakenfold's DJ set at Gryphon.

The nightclub was packed with sweaty, animal flesh. The crowd was amped and ready to rave into a darkened bedroom after a night of lights pulsing on the dance floor and guzzling magnums of champagne. Click on for our 10 sexiest shots from the show.

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paul oakenfold-26.jpg
Monica McGivern
10. Put your Grey Goose in the air like you just don't care! This lady cut her Paul Oakenfold shit a leeetle short in the front. Lower, higher, lower, higher. Perfect!

paul oakenfold-44.jpg
Monica McGivern
9. Sometimes fashion can be ugly and sexy at the same time. Kinda like Courtney Love or Woody Allen.

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Gryphon - CLOSED

5707 Seminole Way, Hollywood, FL

Category: Music

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