Ten Best Screamo Bands From Florida

2. I Hate Myself (Gainesville)
Tallahassee is where Rick Scott's black-as-night citadel is located. But the punk rock capital of Florida is undeniably Gainesville.

Ever since the great Less Than Jake trickle-down of the early '90s, No Idea Records has been an absolute powerhouse of production whose centripetal force has spiraled forth a punk scene mirroring the college town most people associate with the city. But the flagship sound of that enterprise has always been anthemic and driving blends of pop-punk and posthardcore.

Essentially, I Hate Myself played screamo in the town that beard punk built. Oh yeah, and its band name was I Hate Myself! Plus its lyrics were so goddamned maudlin that any mention of the group sparks a debate about whether the whole thing was a joke.

1. Cowboys Became Folk Heroes (Polk County)
What barometer determines greatness? Number of releases? Breadth of the audience that receives your releases, no matter the number of them? iTunes sales? How many times you've played South by Southwest?

One way to gauge a screamo band's success would be to take a quick survey of its fanbase: How reverently do they approach the music of the artists at hand? 'Cause few of Florida's hallowed histrionic hardcore bands command a native Floridian's respect like Cowboys Became Folk Heroes.

The band members out-Florida everyone else on this list right off the bat for being from fucking Lakeland and/or unincorporated Polk County. The crux of their scene was Josh's House, a guy named Josh's parents' house in the suburbs. Cowboys had an on-and-off second phase of the band peppered with out-of-nowhere performances regularly billed as a reunion and the band's last show ever. Like many of the other groups on this list, they barely released any music: just one CD-R. But a group of fans felt so strongly about the band that in 2008, they pulled together their pennies to finally get the jams on wax, like they ought to be.

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Nicholas Brandt
Nicholas Brandt

I like how the new times starts to write about screamo bands or metal bands or punk bands like omg its a new thing going on. New times wake up and open your eyes. This stiff isnt new. Its all been here for a while, you have just been writing about stuff no one cares.about

Valyn Calhoun
Valyn Calhoun

Ten huh? I doubt there is even one 'good screamo band' in the entire country lol


Top 10 FL Flies To Shit:

10. Scrotum Grinder

9. Bird Of Ill Omen

8. The Holy Mountain

7. Assück

6. Asshole Parade

5. Moonraker

4. Religious As Fuck

3. Palatka

2. Combatwoundedveteran

1. Reversal of Man


how is Keepsake not on this list???

Patrick Garcia
Patrick Garcia

This list is obsolete - no mention of Combat Wounded Veteran was made.....

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