Ten Best Screamo Bands From Florida

4. Early Grace (Tampa)
That's right, from here on out, it's all minor chords, handclaps, and rolling around on the ground crying.

Early Grace was the product of the same Tampa hardcore scene as Reversal of Man. Its seven-song ten-inch, And All I Run Into Are Walls You Have Built, is a deep cult classic. But no matter how obscure, this Gulf Coast quintet is on every Florida screamo completist's desert island list. Also note how, compared to Reversal of Man, Early Grace incorporates more of the tears-and-boogers-stained-sweater shrieks of New York City's reigning outfit when it comes to manically emotional hardcore, Saetia.

3. Carlisle (Orlando)
If Lifetime were a screamo band, they'd be Carlisle. OK, the comparison may be a little crude. But there is no counterpoint to the claim that this band had a knack for embedding straight-up hooks -- even more on the pop-punk tip than Tunes for Bears -- into the screamo template. If you Google around, every last blip on this '90s scene-centerpiece boils the equation down to one key descriptor: "Catchy."

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Nicholas Brandt
Nicholas Brandt

I like how the new times starts to write about screamo bands or metal bands or punk bands like omg its a new thing going on. New times wake up and open your eyes. This stiff isnt new. Its all been here for a while, you have just been writing about stuff no one cares.about

Valyn Calhoun
Valyn Calhoun

Ten huh? I doubt there is even one 'good screamo band' in the entire country lol


Top 10 FL Flies To Shit:

10. Scrotum Grinder

9. Bird Of Ill Omen

8. The Holy Mountain

7. Assück

6. Asshole Parade

5. Moonraker

4. Religious As Fuck

3. Palatka

2. Combatwoundedveteran

1. Reversal of Man


how is Keepsake not on this list???

Patrick Garcia
Patrick Garcia

This list is obsolete - no mention of Combat Wounded Veteran was made.....

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