Ten Best Screamo Bands From Florida

6. I Have Dreams (Tallahassee)
I Have Dreams existed for six months in 1999, and its entire output consisted of a mini-CD-R with five tracks. Yet screamo diehards from the state capital and band's hometown of Tallahassee right on down to the Florida Keys all wish this crew could have at least made it to a full 365 days and maybe cut an eight-song EP on a standard-issue CD-R. But I Have Dreams started in the wake of a bandmate's tragic death, and the other members used explicitly emotive hardcore as a way to process their grief. Ending the band may have very well been a part of that process as well.

5. Reversal of Man (Tampa)
Ranking the Gulf Coast's political-ish screamo pride and joy in the middle of our list is definitely going to be a point of contention among the anonymously commenting human herpes who will, no doubt, be drawn to this content like flies to shit.

It was not an easy decision. With the zine-slash-manifesto that accompanies their Revolution Summer record, ROM codified the militant wing of suburban screamo sentimentalism. But while the vibe is right, our ranking comes down to formalism. The style Reversal of Man arguably perfected was chaotic, hypercomposed, and extreme, like if Orchid dropped the sexy philosopher Mod crap and had to live in Tampa. We can't deny the band's mighty legacy of punk feelings, but fifth is the highest we can rank a band playing a screamo microgenre.

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Nicholas Brandt
Nicholas Brandt

I like how the new times starts to write about screamo bands or metal bands or punk bands like omg its a new thing going on. New times wake up and open your eyes. This stiff isnt new. Its all been here for a while, you have just been writing about stuff no one cares.about

Valyn Calhoun
Valyn Calhoun

Ten huh? I doubt there is even one 'good screamo band' in the entire country lol


Top 10 FL Flies To Shit:

10. Scrotum Grinder

9. Bird Of Ill Omen

8. The Holy Mountain

7. Assück

6. Asshole Parade

5. Moonraker

4. Religious As Fuck

3. Palatka

2. Combatwoundedveteran

1. Reversal of Man


how is Keepsake not on this list???

Patrick Garcia
Patrick Garcia

This list is obsolete - no mention of Combat Wounded Veteran was made.....

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