10 Lyrics by the XX That Could Also Be Sung by R. Kelly

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5. "Try"

"Say you'll be there/You know the way I can't resist you/I say to myself, I try/Why do we waste time?/Hiding it inside/I want you to be mine"

4. "Hot Like Fire"

They're covering an Aaliyah song, so no need to break this one down. 

3. "Our Song"

"All I have, I will give to you"

2. "Swept Away"

"Take me to that place/Where it's control I lose/I'm soothed by you, you take it all away/I lose to you, surrendered at the start of the game"

1. "Heart Skipped a Beat"

"Please don't say we're done/When I'm not finished/I could give you so much more/Make you feel, like never before"

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