The Worst Valentine's Day Mixtape Ever

3. Limp Bizkit - "My Way"
Hard to tell if your Valentine will be more offended that you have so much pent up aggression or that you just dedicated a song to them by Limp Bizkit. Durst isn't even trying to work things out at this point. He's basically had it with his lover's malarkey and throwing out ultimatums left and right. Don't be that guy.

2. Crazy Town - "Butterfly"
There's no faster way to get asked when you were last tested than by playing "Butterfly." It's smarmy, pretentious, and repulsive, which would usually work in your favor if you're a dude. However, we must ask you to resist. If not for the sake of your own ears, then for the sake of ours.

1. The Golden Girls theme song
Don't get us wrong, we love us some Golden Girls. But "let's just be friends" is right up there with "it's not you, it's me." If "friendship" is how your Valentine defines their relationship with you, then forget the chocolates, get yourself a whole cheesecake, and devour.


Daniel Powter - "Bad Day"
The song that makes every bad day worse.

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