A Practical Guide to Trap Music

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Waka Flocka Flame - "Grove St. Party"
This is the point where a context was laid for electronic producers to take interest in trap. Listen to how electronic-y this song sounds. Almost like Aphex Twin's Selected Ambient Works... on lean.

Rick Ross - "BMF"

Girl Unit - "Showstoppa"
This is a song that doesn't get mentioned a lot with the onslaught of trap/electronic, but it's probably the catalyst for the whole movement. (Sorry, Baauer.) This is easy, a Rick Ross Instrumental.

Denzel Aquarius Killa Curry - "THV PHXNK RXIDXR KLVN"
Taking that Three Six sound back full circle. Raider Klan is bringing a guttural sound back in a bigger way.

Chief Keef - "Bang"
Can't even function with this song.

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