A Practical Guide to Trap Music

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La Chat - "Salt Shakers"
Definitely a bit faster than other "trap" tempos -- this is almost bounce. But the bad bitch attitude is there, and La Chat is deeply underrated.

DJ Screw - "Southside Groovin"
It's hard to pick just one DJ Screw tune. But you listen to this one track in particular, and it's crazy how much of this you hear in "trap-rave" stuff. I would just recommend checking out all of Screw's tapes -- that is if you have a whole lifetime to spare.

UGK - "Hi-Life"
Early UGK stuff sounds more like a Boyz N the Hood soundtrack for the South. Real classic Southern stuff, but almost like proto-trap music. Has more in common with Snoop Dogg than anything we can identify with as trap.

Lil Boosie - "Mind of a Maniac"
Of course.

Mystikal - "I Smell Smoke"
Can't mention the context of trap without bringing up what was happening in New Orleans. You had both avenues of Memphis and New Orleans proto-bounce music pumping through labels like No Limit.

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