Surfer Blood's JP Pitts on Where the Band Is Today: "We Are All Still Best Friends"

Zachary A. Bennett
This Tuesday, West Palm Beach's Surfer Blood announced the official release date for its major label debut on Warner Bros Records, Pythons. The long-awaited follow up to the collection of lo-fi fuzzy gems that made up Astro Coast, is slated for a June 11 release date. 

It's been a long time coming for Surfer Blood, who technically self-released Astro Coast three years and some months ago. An impressive debut, it showcased Surfer Blood's use of Pixies' start-stop dynamics, and Pitts' Black Francis' style roar. The album won a place on our 2009 Best Of List and on many an accredited national music sites around the nation. Recorded and mixed in front man JP Pitts' apartment in early 2009, it wasn't held back by its DIY nature. 

In stark contrast, Surfer Blood received all-access to Warner Bros' mac daddy LA studio for their second full length. Additionally, the up-and-coming four-piece was bequeathed recording help from big name producer Gil Norton (known for his work with the Pixies, and Echo and the Bunnymen, to name a few,) and mixing help from Rob Schnapf (who lists such names as Beck, Elliott Smith, and Guided By Voices as clients). 

Because so much time passed between releases, rumors circulated that Surfer Blood was undergoing turmoil and the dreaded sophomore slump has sunk its claws into the promising, fresh-faced musicians. Nothing could be further from the truth, according to the group's introspective lead vocalist JP Pitts. Yesterday, New Times caught up with the soft-spoken, reflective singer to hear about his foursome's meteoric rise through the indie ranks and reason it took so long to release its anticipated major label debut.

Speaking from his parent's home in West Palm Beach where he is residing until the Surfer Blood boys make the move out to LA this summer, Pitts promises that the band's bond is stronger than ever: "We are all still best friends." He says that he couldn't have gone through the experience with anyone else.  

Since first meeting guitarist Thomas Fekete with drummer Tyler Schwarz, oddly enough, at an Ultra Music Festival after-party, and with years on the road behind them, they've only gotten closer.

Pitts says it was Fekete who brought the attitude that Surfer Blood could be more than just a local band. "He came to us with a lot of positivity and convinced us that with the right confidence and proper commitment, Surfer Blood could burst out of the local scene and find a national audience. The idea really never had occurred to me before then." 

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