Five Mad Faded #CloudRap Facts From H∆SHTAG$ Video featuring Spaceghostpurrrp and Robb Bank$

Robb Bank$ is so high, he's on Cloud 69.
It was only two years ago when the pop cultural climate had not yet been saturated with swag, and terms like hipster-hop began to allude to the forthcoming zeitgeist.

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As we all know, the Internet speeds up the development of micro-genres by like 2000%. And now we're all floating on hashtags defining genres that sometimes end up being paragraphs long. #enoughisenough

Luckily, the term "cloud rap" is dreamy enough to make us comfortable writing the words, and also, given our affections for locals Robb Bank$ and Spaceghostpurrp, who appear in this Red Bull video about the subgenre, we accept this hash.

Here are five things we learned about these two artists and cloud rap from the trippy ten minutes of rap-talk action.

5. Cloud Rap is about #Drugs
Rap music has always maintained a relationship with narcotics. But, as cloudy duo, the Main Attractionz explain, cloud rap signifies the shift of the genre's key totem -- the rhyme-spitting MC -- from hustler to customer. "It used to be about selling the drugs. Now, everyone is talking about using the drugs."

4. Cloud Rap is Not Synonymous with #Lo-Fi
Look, mane. Just 'cause your demo sounds like it was recorded in your mama's Florida room on Garage Band (because it was) doesn't make the tunes crappy in a relevant way. It just makes them sound like you should maybe stop drinking so much cough syrup, get a job, make enough money to move out of your mama's Florida room, and then save up for some fucking studio time.

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