Nicki Minaj Has a Comic Book?! Ten Better Musician Superhero Suggestions

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8. Lady Gaga
Superpowers: Poker face that can cut diamonds. Commands an army of microscopic monsters.
Arch-Nemesis: The Daughter of Crazy Train.
Origin Story: Once a quiet brunet from New York, young Stefani Germanotta nearly lost her mind when she used radioactive bleach to dye her hair. Her painful wails were heard by Akon, who pieced together the fragmented starlet with chunks of raw meat that she must still wear to this day.

7. Chris Brown
Superpowers: The ability to throw iPhones and bottles great distances. Can have Bert from Sesame Street denied entrance to any nightclub of his choosing.
Arch-Nemesis: Instagram.
Origin Story: Brown taught himself to sing and dance at a young age. He harnessed his powers to such a lethal calibration that he was nearly consumed by his own madness. He now spends his time lashing out at anyone, trying to rebuild the pieces of his shattered mind.

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