Nicki Minaj Has a Comic Book?! Ten Better Musician Superhero Suggestions

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Bluewater Comics recently released the series Fame: Nicki Minaj -- and, no, we've never heard of Bluewater Comics either.

Apparently, the independent company produces three lines of biography comics: Female Force, Political Power, and Fame. The latest addition to the Fame series, Nicki Minaj, promises to explore the life and times of the young starlet. But why stop there, Bluewater Comics?

Comic books have long been the primary medium for telling larger-than-life stories. We say, give the girl some real freakish superpowers! Have her fight crime with a league of multiplatinum recording artists. Make the villains from other dimensions or time-jumpers from the ancient past. C'mon, Bluewater, you're selling the audience short if there isn't at least one skimpy superhero outfit with spandex and capes.

For your reading pleasure, we offer you ten real-life recording artists turned comic book protagonists, the way it's supposed to be done.

10. Nicki Minaj
Super-owers: Bat-shit-crazy laser eyes. Also has hair that morphs into inantimate objects.
Arch-Nemesis: Mimi the Emancipator.
Origin Story: Created by Weezy, an extra-galactic entity with the power to coin nonsensical phrases and turn hunks of turds into shining stars. To combat the forces of evil, the outspoken critic of exceptional basketball franchises sent Minaj to protect the Golden Idol of the Americas.

9. Justin Bieber
Superpowers: Rolls the perfect joint; shape-shifts into lesbian.
Arch-Nemesis: Paparazzi, the open road.
Origin Story: Gains strength from prepubescent hormones, tears, and the wrist blood of overly dramatic teenaged girls. He's a force of nature who helps aging R&B and hip-hop artists remain relevant to a younger demographic.

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