Muse - BB&T Center, Sunrise - February 22

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When the visuals took center-stage, and the rock stars moved into the background, the concert seemed more engaging. At one point, the pyramid flipped and reversed itself, dropping down from the ceiling and sitting right side up on the stage, enveloping drummer Dominic Howard. The screens flashed a disturbing video (in a good way!) of individuals fleeing from a shadowy, lethal force, as the song "The 2nd Law: Isolated System" played. The pyramid's LEDs dominated the next track too, "Uprising."

muse 3.jpg
Sayre Berman

The videos worked because of the cinematic quality to Muse's sound. The group has so many hits that could be "cranked out" while the screens provide the visual entertainment. And yet Muse shouldn't have to hide behind some glistening spectacle. The most memorable moments of the night occurred at those rare times when the Muse tried to break down that barrier between the stage and the audience. The best occurred during the encore.

The lights dimmed, obscuring the spacious stage, and Bellamy stepped out into the crowd, rooting on his fans on as they swayed with the band and chanted the grandiose chorus of "Starlight," -- our hopes and expectations, black holes and revelations  -- and you could sense how huge, how immense a Muse concert could really be. And you wonder: why couldn't it be that way the entire time?

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BB&T Center

1 Panther Parkway, Sunrise, FL

Category: Music

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