Mountain Song At Sea: Ten Highlights of the Bluegrass Cruise

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3. A Sunday panel discussion hosted by the Bluegrass Situation's delightful Amy Reitnouer and Emilee Warner featured several of the younger musicians espousing on growing up in bluegrass traditions, oftentimes as offspring of famous musical parentage. A bit of trivia came courtesy of the Punch Brothers" Critter: A) the nickname was bequeathed him by his parents, and B) the name the Punch Brothers was borrowed from a Mark Twain novel entitled Punch Brother Punch, the hero of which is a man fixated on a train conductor's song. Ironically, the Punch Brothers are one of the few bands that don't play train songs.

2. Town Mountain Band best expressed the nomadic musician lifestyle that many of us yearn for. "It's wonderful traveling the world making music with your best friends," they insisted. And even when that world is confined to a crowded pool deck aboard the Norwegian Sky, few in attendance would likely disagree.

1. Finally, Peter Rowan offered the perfect ending to the perfect weekend sojourn, a prolonged version of Woody Guthrie's "Goodnight Irene" that had musicians and audience singing along in harmony. The last planned notes of a weekend full of high notes and highlights, they capped memories that will linger long and last, at least until the next opportunity for new memories to be made.

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