Holopaw's New Video Beautifully Displays "A Life of High Glamor Deep in the Wilderness"

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A campfire crackles and throws sparks. A Liberace cape rises and falls in waves of starlit sparkles. Holopaw's new video for their song "The Lights from the Disco," directed by the Gainseville act's lead singer John Orth, contrasts natural beauty with elements of seductive fashion, all to the delicate rise and fall of their timeless song.

Vyvian Alejandro Figueredo is the star of the short, clothed in Sunday church hats and diamond studded bow ties. He's a friend from Miami, one of a 100 or so the artist photographed for a show, Rewilding. "His look is at once timeless, and at the same time, elfin and otherworldly," the singer says of his subject.

"The song is about a character in self-isolation," He further explains. "He has separated himself from the world to live a life of high glamor deep in the wilderness. The video finds him negotiating a self-constructed world of flannel and sequined capes, Pendleton and Bob Mackie."

The band recently released Academy Songs, Volume I that Orth says, "has been received warmly but has been more polarizing than our last records." Oh, and, if you hadn't already guessed, there are some gay undertones going on here. "We were very upfront in our bio about the queer content. The artwork reflects this content as does the video. I feel like this has alienated some reviewers. One writer of note spoke of the sensuality of the lyrics 'threatening to overwhelm the songs.' This is not criticism leveled at soul music... Overwhelm me, Usher!"

Just back from an East Coast tour, they escaped a blizzard in Boston, and ended up where the album was first recorded, in St. Augustine. The band is working on another video with friend, New York filmmaker Adam Baran and some remixes for an upcoming split release with Sleeping States.

Orth continues to also make art in the wilds of Gainseville. He opened F.L.A. Gallery last year, and partnered with Cinders Gallery in Brooklyn. They're working to develop a residency program, installing a sculpture in a satellite at Scope, New York, and their next show features prints by scores of artists, including Swoon, Brian Chippendale, and Maya Hayuk.

Watch Holopaw's "The Lights from the Disco." You'll be tempted to grab your Fendi bag and head for the hills.

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