Five Things You Need to Make Your Own "Harlem Shake" Video

harlem shake 250.png
The internet is teeming with ridiculous, over-the-top, crap trends that make "hip you" blush with shame.

But secretly, there's an "inner you" who wants to burst out of your coolcoon and hop on it. The "it" being hopped on right now is the Harlem Shake, a video lasting about 30 seconds that includes the song "Harlem Shake" by Baauer.

Thousands of videos have already been uploaded to YouTube, each including one person dancing in the beginning, increasing their groove when the beat drops. And when it drops, that shit drops hard.

Here are five things you need to make your own "Harlem Shake" video.

5. Use some sort of animal.
From unicorns to frogs to horses, creativity certainly isn't limited here. The more mythical, the better. And if you hump it, golden! In this case, bestiality is widely accepted as long as the creature isn't harmed (stay away, Vick).

4. The one kid who humps a wall.
You know him, or her. That weird but endearing friend you can't take everywhere because, well, despite his endearing qualities, s/he makes everyone uncomfortable. Use that friend. But have them hump the wall.

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