Azealia Banks' "Harlem Shake" Removed by Baauer; Calls Him and Perez Hilton "Faggot" on Twitter (SONG)

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What's everybody talkin' about right now? Baauer's "Harlem Shake!"

Who needs unlimited attention from the whole world? Azealia Banks!

What does that result in? Azealia Banks rapping over "Harlem Shake," the song being pulled from Soundcloud by the original artist, and a Twitter war with the word "faggoot" thrown around. Oh, wait, and a lil' Perez Hilton sprinkled on top.

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As if the internet weren't stupid enough, this is happening right now. And shit is getting deep:

"Harlem Shake" is the new "Gangnam Style," for those of you not living solely on the web. And Banks clearly wanted to be a part of all this attention. As you may know, she's already survived a Twitter war with Hilton, which now appears to be back on, with political tweets like:

She's a sweetie, no? Anyway, here's her version "Harlem Shake." Our advice: She should re-write it as a Perez Hilton diss track. Huh? Good idea, right? Internet gold!

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