Flogging Molly and Skinny Lister - Revolution Live, Fort Lauderdale - Feb. 12

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Flogging Molly and Skinny Lister (Revolution 2_12_2013)_by Ian Witlen-74.jpg
Ian Witlen
Finally came Flogging Molly. I thought the house was packed for Skinny Lister, but suddenly there was even less room. The Who's "Baba O'Riley' played on the speakers, and as the song crescendoed with the words "teenage wasteland" the house lights dimmed, a banner unleashed the logo of Flogging Molly, and out walked six men and one woman.

Again there was a unique mixture of instrumentation with a banjo, a fiddle, and accordion, along with the more traditional guitar, bass, and drums. Singer Dave King self assuredly belted out the tunes.

My problem with Flogging Molly is their songs all sound like the same punk song mixed with traditional Celtic gimmicks. But my opinion was the minority as an intense mosh pit took hold on the floor in front of the stage. The crowd was enamored with every tune. When King introduced a song from their first album, Selfish Man they roared. When Bridget Regan soloed on her fiddle, the ground shook, and when police lights strobed during the song "The Power's Out," a hundred plastic cups were thrown in the air along with whatever liquids and cubes of ice they contained.

Flogging Molly and Skinny Lister (Revolution 2_12_2013)_by Ian Witlen-81.jpg
Ian Witlen
The only part of their set that did not hold the audience's complete attention was the acoustic portion when many shaven headed, shirtless sweaty moshers walked toward the bar to replenish their alcohol.

Hearing Flogging Molly with an open mind, I am still uncertain how they inspire such passion, but godspeed and God bless all those that dig them. I'll save that enthusiasm for Skinny Lister.

Set List
"Another Bag of Bricks"
"Paddy's Lament"
"Selfish Man"
"Heart of the Sea"
"Drunken Lullabies"
"Kilburn High Road"
"Saints and Sinners"
"Requiem for a Dying Song"
"The Power's Out"
"Present State of Grace"
"Prayer for Me in Silence"
"Tobacco Island"
"The Lightning Storm"
"Devil's Dance Floor"
"So Sail On"
"Within a Mile of Home"
"What's Left of the Flag"
"Seven Deadly Sins"

Location Info


Revolution Live

100 SW 3rd Ave., Fort Lauderdale, FL

Category: Music

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