Five Dances Better Than the Harlem Shake

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The Harlem Shake. If you're as annoyed by this trend as we are, then we don't blame you for not wanting to read more. Shit grows and decays so fast here on the internet, who knows what the hell you're into right now?

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But just to give you an idea as to how big this thing is... According to a YouTube Trends report published last week, as of February 15, more than 40,000 Harlem Shake videos had been uploaded to YouTube with a combined 175 million views. So if you're trying to find a (real) Harlem Shake tutorial video -- which is how we spend our Saturdays -- good fuckin' luck, because all you'll come across are about 50,000 results of dudes going mental.

We're really trying to figure out, though, whether any of the people in these videos knows what the Harlem Shake actually is. We'll give them the benefit of the doubt. However, we've only seen one person actually doing the Harlem Shake in these 30-second videos.

Either way, it's a cool dance, but we sorta wish more dances would get in the spotlight. Here are some other street moves that are arguably better than the Harlem Shake.

5. Crip Walk
his is by far one of those dances I just will not ever be able to do. Insane.

4. Footwork/Juke Dance
Straight outta Chicago, Footwork is definitely one of the hardest dances to do. Mostly fucking with your feet at 160 bpm. This is a pure testament to upper-body strength and foot moves. Good luck.

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