Top Ten Most Fabulous Falsettos of All Time, Inspired by the Australian Bee Gees

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3. The-Dream - "Falsetto"
A song about sex that uses falsettos as a central metaphor (for fucking) and features a chorus that is essentially a repeated impression of some shawty having a constant orgasm sounds like the exact reason we were inspired to write this list in the first place.

2. Curtis Mayfield - "Pusherman"
This song is actually good, sexy, cool, etc. Spread the word, your seed, etc.

1. Klaus Nomi - "Total Eclipse"
Don't we all have a little Klaus Nomi in us? And by "a little Klaus Nomi" we don't mean a smattering of his characteristics embedded within our composite heterogenous makeups. We literally refer to a miniature version of the proto-goth German countertenor, living inside of our bodies like a gnome who has fashioned an igloo out of a sprawling ancient primordial fungus.

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