Top Ten Most Fabulous Falsettos of All Time, Inspired by the Australian Bee Gees

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7. Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons - "Walk Like a Man"
Isn't it ironic that a song with titled "Walk Like a Man" would sound like it was sung by a eunuch?

6. Michael Jackson - "Black or White"
Michael Jackson didn't care if you were black or white. Or if you sang like a tooty fruity tenor. The King of Pop was the crotch-clutching master of falsettos.

5. The Tokens - "The Lion Sleeps Tonight"
We will forever associate this classic oldie-but-goodie with the sex scene in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, during which the Tokens blare out as Ace and that one white girl from Friends kertang-a-lang and freak out the Pet Detective's zoo-like stable of animals.

4. Prince - "Kiss"
We also have weird associations with the Artist Once More Known as Prince, his falsetto, and the smuttiest scenes from Steven Seagal movies. But that's our own fault.

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