Top Ten Most Fabulous Falsettos of All Time, Inspired by the Australian Bee Gees

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The Bee Gees are the undisputed warlord champion presidents for life when it comes to fabulous falsettos.

And when the Australian Bee Gees perform at the Seminole Coconut Creek Casino, you can bet your lifetime supply of testosterone and/or estrogen that these impersonators from down under will be singing like Lil' Bo Peep belting out "Stayin' Alive" at whippit karaoke. 

Here are County Grind's ten favorite vocalists who sing like cartoon mice.

10. Justin Timberlake - "Cry Me a River"
As a former cast member of the New Mickey Mouse Club, the archetypal heartthrob rebel in '90s boy ban, 'N Sync, an accomplished solo performer, and a popular actor, Justin Timberlake is more than a Renaissance Man. His high-pitched shrieks of sensual white-boy ecstasy not only brought sexy back but were literally directly responsible for the very coining of the phrase "bringing sexy back."

9. The Temptations - "Get Ready"
The classics never go out of style. If you want to sing like a chipmunk ripping ice-cold fatty balloons filled with nitrous oxide, might we recommend squealing along with the Temptations?

8. Smokey Robinson - "Ooo Baby Baby (Ready Steady Go)"
Rumor has it, a Hanson brother or two has mistaken their own vocals for that of a lady. We can imagine Ol' Smokey having a similar experience.

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