10 Best Hipster Bars in Broward and Palm Beach Counties

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3. Kim's Alley Bar
Located in Victoria Park where the hippest of Fort Lauderdalians call home, Kim's Alley Bar is over 50-years old. Old, like the hipsters like their bars. It's got games, cause hipsters love games, and it's got a weird secret room in the back. What more could they ask for? Maybe heritage turkey bratwurst or kimchi tacos for sale out front? 

Monica McGivern
2. Propaganda
Partying at Propaganda is like getting a hug from a warn, friendly guy who wears Tom's deodorant and whose breath smells nicely of Scotch. The stage is perfectly sized for your friends' band to impress a crowd that's hesitant to dance but happy to drink.

Ian Witlen
1. Laser Wolf
And, of course, Laser Wolf. What could be more hipster-friendly than a bar named after a meme named after a wolf. Laser Wolf is actually a really cool place though, despite the title, with all the beers, cool, and attitude of a Brooklyn dive, still with the sunniness of South Florida. 

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There are no such thing as a good hipster bar.  And Culture Room is the farthest thing from a hipster bar.

Mark Pratt
Mark Pratt

i haven't lived in BroCo for ages, but i always thought Bimini Bay Bar was where it is at...

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