10 Best Hipster Bars in Broward and Palm Beach Counties

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Monica McGivern
7. Dada
Dada is also not quite an obvious hipster spot. The food, though delicious, is affordable only to trust fund types. But Dada has a great authentic vibe. It's the good life but in an accessible setting, a 1920s bungalow. And, the well stocked Kismet Vintage is mere blocks away, so you can suit up and look dapper while biking over to blow your paycheck on muddled bevs. 

Monica McGivern
6. Respectable Street Cafe 
This is an West Palm Beach staple. Respectables is here for the long haul, showing national acts like Swans and Crocodiles and everyone good, and sometimes not so good, performing between Jupiter and Homestead. If the hipsters didn't come here, we'd judge them endlessly for their failed attempts at cool. Oh, wait, we already are...

Ian Witlen
5. Culture Room
What makes Culture Room more of a hipster spot than say Revolution? Both are perfectly crowd-friendly, mid-sized musical venues located in Fort Lauderdale. But there is something more distinctly hipstery about Culture Room, and it isn't the bands that play there, it's more the space. There's that tiki hut, grungy look that fits the PBR life well. 

poor house.jpg
Ian Witlen
4. Poorhouse
Poorhouse is a longstanding 954 bastion for the musically and alcoholically inclined. This dark, dirty bar offers a cross-section of young and old punks, rockers, drinkers, nerds, zombie-makeup-wearers, and fixed-gear cyclists a place to lay their nappy heads when they pass out from Jameson shots.  

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There are no such thing as a good hipster bar.  And Culture Room is the farthest thing from a hipster bar.

Mark Pratt
Mark Pratt

i haven't lived in BroCo for ages, but i always thought Bimini Bay Bar was where it is at...

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