Ten New Year's Musical Resolutions for Broward and Palm Beach Counties

5. Audiences will go to shows and care about the music.

We all have heard the endless amount of gossip that occurs at shows. So many go to concerts to see and be seen, and could really care less about the bands performing. We went to many a gig in 2012 where the ambient noise from the garrulous crowd outdid the band playing. A great local music scene entails a supportive, appreciative audience.

4. More venues. More venues. More Venues.

We have heard many a musician complain: "How many times can you play the Poor House and Propaganda before getting bored." It's true, there is a general lack of places to check out live music in our part of the globe. Sure, there are the tourist traps with the cover bands -- which certainly have their place -- but, it would be nice to see a few more rooms open up this year that encourage live, original music.

3. Lake Worth will pick up where it left behind in 2011.

Lake Worth, what happened this year? You had a palpable music scene going on a couple of years back and everything just stalemated this year. No more Lake Worth It Festival, that swamp-a-billy movement dissipated, and there was a swath of apathy across Lake Ave. Bands supported each other in 2011, it all sort of fell to shit this year. Bring the enthusiasm back, please.

2. Less douchebags allowed in Fort Lauderdale.
Booking more original live bands will keep those individuals with the spiky hair and atrocious Affliction T-shirts out. They don't want to listen to good music, they're just looking for a fight and a piece of ass for the night. There are plenty of places on Himmarshee that caterers to this type of customer. If everything goes right on our list, those skintight-shirt-wearing cologne-abusers will avoid the gigs entirely.

1. Will beget another Surfer Blood.

When Surfer Blood came onto the scene a few years ago, it shined a radiant light on our area's gifted musical landscape like never before. We heard tails of A&R reps sniffing around town, speaking to bands and contemplating record deals. We are certain there is another Surfer Blood in our midst.

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Alex, you're an idiot.
10. Yes, it would be nice if locals got payed to play at venues like Culture Room, but at the same time, opening for a national act there is a privilege. You get to open your band up to an audience who may have never heard your band before.
9. Cruzan doesn't book the shows themselves. Radiohead came to South Florida early in the year, be thankful that they even came to the area and didn't skip us and go to Tampa or Orlando instead.
8. The Buzz made a format change because they were bought by CBS, hence why there was more
mainstream music, or 'cock rock' as you put it. Jerk.
4. It costs revenue, and sometimes even investors to open up a venue. Than you have to hope that popular sites like New Times don't pan your venue just because it doesn't cater to the type of music they like.
3. Do you know how much money it cost to put Lake Worth-It on? A LOT
2. That is a disgusting and hypocritical generalization you should be ashamed of. The 954 and 305 has more hard rock and metal acts because venues in the 561, especially West Palm and Lake Worth simply don't allow them to play, and that's sad
1. Saw Surfer Blood. I'm sorry - boring. And stop calling that Shoe-gaze music, it's closer to Pinkerton era Weezer.

Patrick Garcia
Patrick Garcia

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