Ten New Year's Musical Resolutions for Broward and Palm Beach Counties

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New Year's has a way of making us feel all introspective. And as the self-appointed arbitrators of the local music scene, we thought it apt to shift our gaze inward and examine the goings-on in Broward and Palm Beach counties. 

Wading through this year's regrets and next year's hopes for music in South Florida, we decided to produce 10 resolutions for the upcoming year. What follows are the things we'd like venues, bands, and you people doing in 2013 to make the musical world greater than it was in 2012. 
10. Venues or promoters will pay local bands for performing.
So many venues give local bands the shaft when they perform. Shelping around amps and instruments, and entertaining audiences is hard goddamn work. Instead of offering up a couple of free drink tickets for their performances, why not cough up a couple of bucks instead?

9. Cruzan Amphitheatre will book more relevant shows other than country music and old fogey music.

Enough with Brooks and Dunn and Journey! Give us more Radiohead every once in a while.

8. Launch another rock radio station that actually plays good rock music.
When Buzz 103.1 fell by the wayside a few years back, many considered it a sign that rock music in South Florida just doesn't work as a format. Perhaps if the befallen Buzz played more variety than just cock-rock, it would have boded better. Why not throw in some variety, not just indie, but punk, post-punk, prog-rock, and other genres that appeal to a broader audience? 

7. Bars, clubs, and theaters will stop overcharging for drinks.
It's not South Beach for crying out loud! When residents of the 954 and 561 go out to see a show, paying north of four dollars for a beer is a crime. Find a way to lower the price tags of those well drinks and see the rooms fill up.

6. Have more all ages shows.
Drinking laws often keep the under-18 from attending superb concerts. This is ageism is our book. The teen crowd deserves to see great rock shows just as much as the over-21 set. Why relegate them to warehouse shows? Heighten up security, purchase more wristbands, train the waiters and let the young folks in. 

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Alex, you're an idiot.
10. Yes, it would be nice if locals got payed to play at venues like Culture Room, but at the same time, opening for a national act there is a privilege. You get to open your band up to an audience who may have never heard your band before.
9. Cruzan doesn't book the shows themselves. Radiohead came to South Florida early in the year, be thankful that they even came to the area and didn't skip us and go to Tampa or Orlando instead.
8. The Buzz made a format change because they were bought by CBS, hence why there was more
mainstream music, or 'cock rock' as you put it. Jerk.
4. It costs revenue, and sometimes even investors to open up a venue. Than you have to hope that popular sites like New Times don't pan your venue just because it doesn't cater to the type of music they like.
3. Do you know how much money it cost to put Lake Worth-It on? A LOT
2. That is a disgusting and hypocritical generalization you should be ashamed of. The 954 and 305 has more hard rock and metal acts because venues in the 561, especially West Palm and Lake Worth simply don't allow them to play, and that's sad
1. Saw Surfer Blood. I'm sorry - boring. And stop calling that Shoe-gaze music, it's closer to Pinkerton era Weezer.

Patrick Garcia
Patrick Garcia

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