10 Lip-Sync Fails More Entertaining Than Beyoncé's Inaugural Vocal Pantomime

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3. Kurt Cobain
But when it comes to rebellious anti-lip-syncing, its Nirvana's frontman whose testicles are surely afflicted with elephantiasis.

2. Milli Vanilli
The crux of Vanilli-gate was that concertgoers were somehow still naive and/or downright stupid enough to not even begin to suspect that live performers have backup tracks. Milli was not the worst. They were just the first.

1. X-Factor
Generally speaking, we get it. Concerts -- especially the arena-sized spectacles of the Top 40 continuum -- are about putting on a show. What does it matter if the vocals are prerecorded if the delivery is on? However, we can't say the same rules apply for a reality show whose primary function is a singing contest.

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Ivan Breger
Ivan Breger

REALLY??? Is this what people care about??? Watching Jimmy Kimmel the other night and there was a segment , where a reporter asked 3 questions in sequence - 1. How do you think Congress is doing?? Most people answered, Not too good. 2 - Who are your Congressmen? Answer - I don't know. 3 - Name 2 people on the Jersey Shore - 9 out of 10 got it right. Makes you think...

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