10 Lip-Sync Fails More Entertaining Than Beyoncé's Inaugural Vocal Pantomime

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7. Lindsay Lohan
Renaissance woman, Lindsay Lohan, on the other hand, should never be allowed to live the above clip down. Or her chronic drunk driving, for that matter.

6. Jennifer Hudson
Some people (on the Internet) say Jennifer Hudson's performance of the National Anthem at Super Bowl 2009 rivaled Whitney Houston's legendary rendition from 1991. And by that, they mean both ladies know how to pretend they're singing real good.

5. Ashlee Simpson
Jessica's younger, significantly less successful sibling, was not content to simply completely fuck up her SNL debut. She also deemed it necessary to bust out a leprechaun jig as the cherry on top.

4. Freddie Mercury
We love Freddie for his balls. So ballsy!

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Ivan Breger
Ivan Breger

REALLY??? Is this what people care about??? Watching Jimmy Kimmel the other night and there was a segment , where a reporter asked 3 questions in sequence - 1. How do you think Congress is doing?? Most people answered, Not too good. 2 - Who are your Congressmen? Answer - I don't know. 3 - Name 2 people on the Jersey Shore - 9 out of 10 got it right. Makes you think...

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