Smokey Robinson Admits: "I Love Lady Gaga!"

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It was less popular for a minute.

[Laughs] I don't remember that, Liz! Music is evolution. It keeps happening. I don't know what you're talking about. You've always had young people coming along and singing R&B. I don't know how many years Beyonce's been out, or Alicia Keys, Chris Brown, and people like that. They've been going for years. I don't remember a lull.

There's been a lot of electronic music, and this year seemed like a lot of the top songs were R&B...

That's been around too, honey. It's like disco music. That's what people in the clubs like. Music is always there. It's just a fact of who's listening to it. I think that radio has gone electronic in the last couple of years, but other than that, the music has always been there.

Who are some of your favorite new R&B artists, you mentioned Beyonce and Chris Brown?

I listen to everybody. There are so many wonderful artists out there. You've got Bruno Mars. I love Lady Gaga. She's got the music that I love, because I listen to everybody. I listen to rap. I love Nelly. You might catch me listening to Nelly, or you might catch me listening to Bach!

Nelly's great! Have you seen him live?

Oh, yeah! I did a benefit in New York in December and Nelly and I were on the show together. It was the Angel Ball.

Anything else coming up?

I'm about to go back in the studio again. I haven't gone in. But I have two projects in mind. I have a duets CD with some artists and I'm also doing one in Spanish.

Do you speak Spanish or are you just singing in Spanish?

Well, I've been learning Spanish for the past four year or so. It's been coming along pretty good. It's a tough language, but it's so beautiful and I want to learn as much about it as I can!

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