Rick Springfield Says Old Songs Are Like Family That Won't "Steal Your Car"

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Rick Springfield's life has been an interesting ride from the peaks through the valleys of major stardom. The man is a Grammy-winning songwriter, a former soap star, and the face plastered on the inside of your mom's locker. 

He's been through the ringer of Behind the Music cliches -- including a major initial musical success marred by alleged scandal, a decade battling depression, and a miraculous ride to the top in both the acting and musical arenas in 1981. But the Rick Springfield of 2012 is still as inspired as ever. We caught up with the singer/songwriter to discuss his early inspiration, his cultic fan base, and his recent work with Dave Grohl. 

New Times: You recently released a documentary about your fans, and from what I can tell, your fan base is rather cultic. Have you had any really scary situations with any of them?

Rick Springfield: Well, if you're talking about the hardcore fans, they're pretty awesome. They almost become like family because you see them so much. There's different levels of fandom, obviously, and I have had a few kinda scary things with a couple of them, like putting private detectives on me to follow me and see where I go and report back. I had one woman who claimed she belonged to the Marriott chain of hotels and traveled with us and ended up getting us free Marriott hotel rooms on one tour, and then the FBI came looking for her for all the bad shit she had written to cover the rooms because she wasn't who she said she was.

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