Ralphie May on Being the White Guy on The Big Black Comedy Show, "'Big' Is the First Word In There"

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What should people seeing you for the first time expect?

I'm politically incorrect, racially insensitive, and culturally controversial. I'm a dirty, filthy animal but I will make you laugh till you hurt.

Is there something you do that separates you from other comedians?

Actually, yeah. I do a longer show than most comedians. They do about an hour whereas I do two hours. I do that because my audience typically makes on average about $15 an hour, the hard working regular folks. With tax and insurance it's even less. If I can give them two hours, I feel like that's more of a fair exchange.

You were the only white guy on The Big Black Comedy Show. How did that happen?

You know, "Big" is the first word in there which means that I have an in. I had a wonderful time, it was so great to be introduced by Mo'Nique, a future Oscar winner.

I've always been kind of a crossover. I was one of the first white comedians on some BET shows and the first white comic on Telemundo's Galavision Que Locos show.

What is a goal of yours?

I've actually just started learning Spanish so I can do my act for Telemundo, and then I can do a tour in more places. I want to go to Puerto Rico; I want to be the first comedian to go to Cuba to do a comedy show. I want to go all over Central and South America, and the only way to do that is to be able to speak the language.

Who would you love to open for you, other than your talented wife?

I usually get my pal Billy Wayne Davis, a standup comic from Tennessee. He's kind of my protégé. I've been teaching him how to do stand up for almost 10 years and he's a master of it now, so we still love to work together.

Who would you love to open for?

When we end the war in Afghanistan and we have a parade in New York, I'd like to be the comedian that opens that. That's a dream and I'd like that to happen ASAP. I want all our troops out of that shithole and to come home. I've performed in Iraq and Afghanistan, and I just want to see those guys march home to their wives and kids.

Ralphie May with Lahna Turner. Too Big to Ignore. Jan. 25 to 27, at Palm Beach Improv, 550 South Rosemary Ave., Suite 250, West Palm Beach. Two drink minimum, and tickets cost $25. Visit palmbeachimprov.com for times.

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