Which Miami Heat Player (or Coach) Picked the White Stripes as Their Opening Song?

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Potential Culprit: Shooting guard Dwyane Wade
Musical Taste: Hip-hop. Famously name-checked in Jay-Z's "Empire State of Mind" where Jay-Z emphatically raps "I'm paying Dwyane Wade."
Indie Cred: Known to frequent Miami's Critical Mass. Even recruited teammates LeBron James and Mario Chalmers on a November Friday to help cyclists take over the South Florida roads.
Likelihood He Requested "Seven Nation Army": 10%. Though his playlist skews toward hip-hop, the devoutly religious Wade would appreciate a band with an album titled Get Behind Me Satan.

Possible Culprit: Coach Erik Spoelstra
Musical Taste: Mainstream rock. Admits to attending six or seven U2 concerts, even during their "kitschy" Zooropa days.
Indie Cred: Grew up and attended college in Portland, Oregon, an indie-rock bastion. Showed nihilistic tendencies with some of his coaching decisions. Most likely member of the Heat to be mistaken for singer Jack White.
Likelihood He Requested "Seven Nation Army": 20%. Though even if Spoelstra requested the White Stripes, I'm not certain the team would choose his musical taste to be the tipping point where they would start listening to him.

Definite Culprit: Forward Shane Battier
Musical Taste: Eclectic. His pregame playlist includes Jimi Hendrix, Tupac, Radiohead, and... "Seven Nation Army" by the White Stripes.
Indie Cred: Grew up in Michigan in the 1990s, when the White Stripes were gaining notice in the Detroit music scene.
Likelihood He Requested "Seven Nation Army": 100%. Not the most vocal or famous member of the Miami Heat, the insertion of Battier's smart defense and timely three-point shooting in the starting lineup last year helped secure the Heat's championship, so why wouldn't he get the say in what music should pump up the crowd and home team?

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