Margaret Cho Talks About Being Seen as a Smothering Mother to the Planet (Interview, Part Two)

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In part one of our interview with comedian and musician Margaret Cho, we probed her about the Grammy award winning album Cho Dependent and she told us about her knee tattoos of presidents Lincoln and Washington.

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In this second part, she talks about being seen as a mother figure, her own mom, her favorite television mama, and her newest stand up show, apt titled, Mother.

Part one of the interview.

New Times: As a woman, it seems like you have an amazing amount of confidence to be vulnerable and creative and put yourself out there. But you also have all of these insecurities. Do you think that one fuels the other? How do you see that? Like struggling with eating disorders but also being able to get on stage and make funny faces.

Margaret Cho: I enjoy it. I love comedy. I love the art form and I have a great respect for it. I always try as good as I can. And that's most important to me, to be good. And beyond that, internalizing feelings of insecurity. It's all kind of worth it if you can go and do the job. It's sort of its own reward. I try to focus on that.

What inspired Mother? Are you interested in being a mother?

Maybe. It's more about my mother and about motherhood in that I'm a woman in her forties and now people are relating to me as if I'm like a mom. I think it's good, because I do have a lot that I can offer. I tend to be a mother to the world. And even though I'm not literally a mom. I can fill that role in certain aspects. This is kind of looking at it like me being a mom and smothering the planet. And that my mother is somebody that's such a big symbol to me. And now I'm older than she was when she raised me. It's kind of weird to think about being older than your parents when they were your parents. That's kind of my take on everything. It's like this is my adult life, and that's a weird freedom and responsibility to have.

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