Looka Looka Looka at Blind Pig Tuesday; Promises Acoustic Punk, Cheap Whiskey, and "All the Hell We Can Raise"

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Looka Looka Looka will play for tits, cigarettes, moonshine, food, and U.S. currency.
Sometimes we feel like saddlin' up our nastiest stead, slappin' a vinegar-laced sneer on our already-ugly mug, and ridin' off into beyond-the-sunset to live a hardened, sun-baked existence, filled with resourceful survival, dangerous adventure, and booze. A lot of booze.

If you share our affinity for the outlaw lifestyle, and also hold a concurrent interest in crusty, street punk shenanigans, might we recommend a sip of a lil' somethin' somethin' called Blind Pig Tuesday?

No, it's not our latest moonshine.

That's called, "Tragic Bowels."

We're talking about Lake Worth's only nightlife occasion dedicated to country (dirtbag and classic), psychobilly, and assorted other tunes that would be an appropriate soundtrack for both robbing and hopping trains. Figure in roughneck Americana punkers, Looka Looka Looka -  whose Facebook status tour diary mentions "fucking a hole in Texas" and "drinking the whiskey bleeding from that smoking wound" - and, from the looks of it, we'd say you done got an outlaw party on your hands.

Looka Looka Looka (acoustic) presented by Blind Pig Tuesday. Tuesday, January 22. Speakeasy Lounge, 129 N Federal Hwy, Lake Worth. Music starts at 8PM and there is no cover. Call the Speakeasy Lounge at (561) 791-6242 and visit the Blind Pig Tuesday Facebook Page.

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