Krewella's Yasmine Yousaf Admits to Being "Extremely" Wet

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How does the dynamic switch up when you're in the studio? How do you push each other to be as creative as possible?

Well, in a very generic sense, Chris is the producer, me and Jahan are the singer-songwriters. But it never really happens exactly like that. Chris will send us a beat, or we'll be in the studio, and we'll write something, me and Jahan, either separately or together. And we'll lay down vocals on the tracks and Chris will be like, "This fucking sucks, change this melody." And he's a really good third ear 'cause me and Jahan sometimes get stuck in a box and can't even help each other out. Then he comes in and really gives this new perspective.

Then, on the other hand, he'll send us a beat or we'll listen in the studio, and me and Jahan will be like, "this needs to sounds more like this. Change this kick to this. Add a snare there." There's little things we're all helping each other out with because it's so hard to make music when you're just in your head. You need a second opinion. So that's what we're all there for. And we're pretty rude about it, we're assholes about "this fucking sucks, change it." But in the end, we get the songs we really love and our passionate about. So that's all that matters.

How is it working with your sister?

Everyone always asks me that thinking I'll be like "we fight so much it sucks," but it's a fucking blessing. Sometimes we do fight, we argue, but having family in your business and doing what you do every day of your life is so rewarding because, family is my number one priority in life. I feel blessed that I can be working with my sister. She's probably the one person in my life that inspires me the most. She pushes me the most to make better music and work harder and she's probably my favorite person on this entire planet. I love working with her.

So you and your sister are obviously good looking girls. Do you ever get crazed fans with weird marriage proposals?

There are marriage proposals every day pretty much. Most definitely to my sister, she's a dime. But I think the funniest thing was -- it was such a little thing but I will never forget it -- we played Red Rocks this summer with our dude Savoy. We did a radio interview in Denver before we played, and this caller called in and he was like, "Yasmine, I have a question for you." I was like, okay you sound really serious right now, what's up? And he's like, "I need your blessing to marry your sister tonight." I'm like, "You know what? Yes. You have my blessing. I will be the pastor and I will fucking marry you guys." So literally at the show, I totally forgot about it, but later this kid comes up to the barrier between the stage area and the audience and he's holding up this ring pop. It was so funny, we made it happen. She made this kid's night. It was really cute. Obviously, they're not married but, it was cute.

2012 was such a huge year for you. What did you learn?

Read everything from top to bottom and have your lawyer check it before you sign anything. That's a big one. I think also, just always stick to your roots. Working on the album, we've been in the studio in and out of sessions with people who we just don't vibe with and have had to force a few things. At this point, as 2012 ended and 2013 is starting, I think we're realizing it's a big waste of time to just do things that aren't you. Don't even fucking spend time on it. Do what feels good and feels right when making music and you're going to get an amazing outcome.

Your sound does jump around a lot. You bring a lot of different elements to the table. How bullshit are genres these days, anyway?

That's so funny, that's the perfect way to say it. They're such bullshit. They're boundaries, they're barriers. I think that a lot of people can appreciate the fact that we just make music that we like. We got pigeonholed as a dubstep group for a really long time, but to be honest, I haven't heard us being called a dubstep trio in a few months.

I feel like after the Play Hard EP; which there's a prog-house song, there's an electro house, moombahton, dubstep song, there was everything on there but we tried really hard to still make every song sound like a Krewella song. So the whole EP sounded cohesive. So hopefully we can try any fucking genre we want to, just because we can, and still not stray away from our sound. I think the most important thing to do is just make music that you actually like listening to cause as the end of the day, if you can't listen back to your own tracks and rage out to them and have them make you smile, what's the point?

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