Krewella's Yasmine Yousaf Admits to Being "Extremely" Wet

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Krewella's Yasmine likes to go hard and get fucking wet.
Krewella is an electro-house-dub-party-sex trio born from the windy streets of Chicago. And before PETA has a freak out, they don't kill puppies, but damn can they murder some beats.

Their Play Hard EP, released last summer, had them "Killin It" all over the country and 2012 charts. They recently moved to the sunny Los Angeles hills to record their debut full-length album.

Comprised of singer-songwriting sisters Yasmine and Jahan Yousaf, backed by boss-level producer Rain Man (known to his moms as Kris Trindl), this threesome made a name for themselves as raucous party ambassadors from the planet bass. But their real-life dynamic and genre palette is a lot deeper and more complex than fans might realize. We had a nice chat with Yasmine to get the real-real before they "get wet" at Club Cinema on Friday, January 25.

New Times: So how wet are you right now?

Yasmine Yousaf: Currently? Extremely. You probably can't even handle it.

What does "get wet" mean, for people who might not get it?

Well, we literally take that and put it toward everything possible in life. It could obviously mean something sexual. But it's also, when we're at our shows, we walk out of there sweaty as fuck. Like, there's no other way to describe what we are other than wet. We're drenched. And it kind of represents raging and just going fucking crazy and living passionately. Getting wet, jumping in. It's all about that.

"Going hard" is a big part of your personality as producers, DJs, and performers. How do you go hard? What are you drinking? What are you doing?

When it comes to partying, going hard is definitely whiskey for us. Once you throw whiskey in the mix, it's just over. As far as DJing goes, this is what someone said to me about a year and a half ago, a good friend Nick of ours, and it's kind of stuck with me.

We had a show at Avalon in LA before we had any real buzz about us. We were closing out for Bingo Players and the room was completely packed. Then we go on, and no one really knows who we are, but the room stays packed cause they're kind of curious, and the whole show, I was just like, "Y'know what, just fuck it, go fucking crazy and blow these people's minds." And by the end of the show, the whole room was dancing, we were completely sweaty. We could not even breathe, our hearts were beating so fast. I walked off after and Nick was just like, "Wow, I have to be honest with you. Some DJs get off and there's not one drop of sweat, they're just completely normal. But you guys can't even catch your breath right now. I have this new thing in my head, if you don't walk off the DJ set or performance and you're not sweating and your heart isn't beating, you didn't put your whole 100 percent heart into the performance. You didn't really give you audience everything you have." So that kind of stuck with me.

There are three of you up there going hard. What is the dynamic in the booth?

We go in with some sort of basis of what's going to happen, but once everything's live, it's all gone to shit. You have to basically do everything on the fly. We switch off doing everything we do. I have to say it's really nice to be DJing with two other people who have your back that you can just hop on top of the fucking table and be like, "Miami, what the fuck is up?!" We all just have a really fucking good time, get really sweaty, mix our songs and it's back and forth. Eventually, our live show is coming, which is going to be the singing and that's a whole 'nother story though.

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i'll bathe in her sweat any day.

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don't worry I won't be listening to this shit...

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