Infected Mushroom Likes "to Throw Genres Out of the Window"

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Infected Mushroom has been a huge name in dance music since before EDM was a term, let alone en vogue.

After more than a decade on the scene, they've had to trade in their giant analog studios for laptops on the road, but they've also signed to hip L.A. label, Dim Mak, and are crossing the country on their most ambitiously produced tour to date, the Fungusamongus tour.

They've managed to maintain relevancy in one of music's most fickle genres, and in America, the country hardest to please. That begs the question of how.

"I think two facts," original member Duvdev said answering this question. "One fact is that we keep on changing, not sticking to one sound, being the same and repeat all over again. And the second is liking the dance floor. We see what works and adapt ourselves to the new generation."

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The Israeli-bred duo, comprised of Duvdev and his partner Eisen, is hailed for their hard-edged, hyphy brand of trance, referred to as "psytrance." They had their first hit with their debut album The Gathering in 1999, and followed it up with the even more successful Classical Mushroom.

Yet, as much as they've been considered the poster-boys of their genre, they've been known to experiment and incorporate everything from elements of trip-hop to house, rock 'n' roll, metal, drum and bass, acoustic guitars, choirs - almost anything really.

"For me, I like to throw genres out of the window. Infected Mushroom has done so many." Duvdev said. He thinks that if they've gained one thing by being around this long, "it is the ability to do whatever we like. Each time we start a track, we just take it to where we want to take it that week."

For instance their latest record, Army of Mushrooms, released on Steve Aoki's Dim Mak Records last spring. It is the duo's eighth studio album, and it's one gnarly, funky electronic adventure. It's full of odd textures and edgy, hard-hitting synths. But it has highs and lows, peaks and valleys, drops and breakdowns, and a Foo Fighters cover?

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