Top 12 Fashion Forward Moments of the 2013 Holy Ship!! Pre-Party, Fort Lauderdale

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HolyShip Kick Off Party (Revolution 1_3_2012) by Ian Witlen-54.jpg
Ian Witlen
3. Nothing makes more of a style statement than a water bottle at a club. Sometimes it's saying: "I'm sober." But, mostly it means: "I'm rolling." In this case, we're gonna go out on a limb and say it's the latter. Dude was super nice; he's got a light-bulb necklace and rings that light up. Again, the latter. He's selling glowables onboard, so keep your eyes peeled for these fingers. 

HolyShip Kick Off Party (Revolution 1_3_2012) by Ian Witlen-53.jpg
Ian Witlen
2. Topless guy number three went that extra mile and strapped on some neon suspenders. They're sort of unnecessary given his belt, but they're totally perfect for hiding his nipples. Maybe he's an old skinhead and he just wants to bring the skank to the rave. Hats off to that, sir. 

HolyShip Kick Off Party (Revolution 1_3_2012) by Ian Witlen-15.jpg
Ian Witlen
1. The absolute best look of the night was the furry polar-bear wear that lights up from underneath. This is some incredible, magical, head-turning (see dude on the left) party fashionista gear. By the end of the night, he probably more resembled roadkill than a Pound Purry, but the initial wow factor of a grownup wearing a lit-up carpet precedes any 6 a.m. concerns. 

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Revolution Live

100 SW 3rd Ave., Fort Lauderdale, FL

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Maciel Vargas
Maciel Vargas

Meh, not enough booties and half naked hussies on Holy Ship. 2/10

Patrick Garcia
Patrick Garcia

My a favorite fashion moments were all thanks to Cheap Miami

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