Top 12 Fashion Forward Moments of the 2013 Holy Ship!! Pre-Party, Fort Lauderdale

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HolyShip Kick Off Party (Revolution 1_3_2012) by Ian Witlen-38.jpg
Ian Witlen
7. Topless dude number two still thinks he's number one. But, guess if you add those two ones, you get, well, two! No hating on the pecs here; they seem taught, available, and ready to mingle. His glasses though... Is it just us, or do they spell out the letters: B-O-O-B? 

HolyShip Kick Off Party (Revolution 1_3_2012) by Ian Witlen-45.jpg
Ian Witlen
6. For the ladies, a vibrating booty always makes whatever you're wearing look about 1,000 times more attractive to everyone else in the room. If you can't dress cool, get working on that booty. 

HolyShip Kick Off Party (Revolution 1_3_2012) by Ian Witlen-75.jpg
Ian Witlen
5. Now, if your booty don't vibrate like a Shake Weight, you can buy these spiky Jeffrey Campbell shoes to get some attention. They say to the world: "I'm different. I'm taller. I'm almost wearing Christian Louboutin." And most important: "I am so fashion forward, bitches!"

HolyShip Kick Off Party (Revolution 1_3_2012) by Ian Witlen-33.jpg
Ian Witlen
4. Hand-held glowing things were, obvs, all the rage at the Holy Ship!! pre-party. This guy showed off his glowing thing prowess with ease. He certainly came prepared for the variety of aromas that permeated the sweaty, packed room. Nothing like a little molly seeping from your pores to stink up a place. The handkerchief serves as both fashion and function. And that Gilligan hat? It'll greatly protect his flesh on the high seas from the harsh Caribbean sun. 

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Revolution Live

100 SW 3rd Ave., Fort Lauderdale, FL

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Maciel Vargas
Maciel Vargas

Meh, not enough booties and half naked hussies on Holy Ship. 2/10

Patrick Garcia
Patrick Garcia

My a favorite fashion moments were all thanks to Cheap Miami

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