Top 12 Fashion Forward Moments of the 2013 Holy Ship!! Pre-Party, Fort Lauderdale

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HolyShip Kick Off Party (Revolution 1_3_2012) by Ian Witlen-37.jpg
Ian Witlen
10. People from all over the world came out to sail on Holy Ship!! This guy wants you to know that. He's telling you with his outfit. "Don't mess with Texas" T, white lensless frames, and a pirate hat? Must be from Austin. 

HolyShip Kick Off Party (Revolution 1_3_2012) by Ian Witlen-44.jpg
Ian Witlen
9. Nothing goes better with high-waisted shorts and a hippie headband than a stripper pole. This fashion tip these young ladies learned on the American Apparel website. 

HolyShip Kick Off Party (Revolution 1_3_2012) by Ian Witlen-40.jpg
Ian Witlen
8. You know what looks good with everything? Muscles. You hear us, boys? You can put away the things that glow and shine if you have arms with shape like these.

Also, the message on this man's tank defined the vibe of the night. People were filled with love, not anger. This was because the drug of the night was MDMA, not meth. 

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Revolution Live

100 SW 3rd Ave., Fort Lauderdale, FL

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Maciel Vargas
Maciel Vargas

Meh, not enough booties and half naked hussies on Holy Ship. 2/10

Patrick Garcia
Patrick Garcia

My a favorite fashion moments were all thanks to Cheap Miami

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