Top 12 Fashion Forward Moments of the 2013 Holy Ship!! Pre-Party, Fort Lauderdale

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HolyShip Kick Off Party (Revolution 1_3_2012) by Ian Witlen-18 lead.jpg
Ian Witlen
Street fashion became overwhelmingly popular about eight years ago thanks to tasteful guys like the Sartorialist and Bill Cunningham. It's like, with all those rail-thin, gorgeous gals on bikes in tailored suits and high-heels, who needs the runway? 

But the thing that really steps a lit-up stripper heel right on the face of the beiges and low-key color accents of the Milan roadside fashion mavens is rave party style. Festivals like Electric Daisy Carnival and Ultra have shown us that underground fashion for people on drugs (thankfully) still reigns supreme with the world's youth! 

Last night, we attended a pre-party for another of those grand, colorful fests, Holy Ship!!, and found more than a few furry and glowing outfits and topless men with muscles on which to comment. Click onward, matey, for some pecs, sarcasm, and stripper poles. 

HolyShip Kick Off Party (Revolution 1_3_2012) by Ian Witlen-32.jpg
Ian Witlen
12. This young Drew Carey look-alike gets what we've been saying for at least a year now: Bracelets are super in! Not only were both of his forearms covered in homemade beaded creations but dude was taking them from his wrists and giving them away. Fashion forward, and fashion friendly. 

But perhaps the most notable aspect of his ensemble were his gloves, which lit up at the tips. Topless dude number one over there was enjoying them immensely, as he grinded his teeth in an ecstatic display of approval.  

HolyShip Kick Off Party (Revolution 1_3_2012) by Ian Witlen-18.jpg
Ian Witlen
11. These two hot mamas look a little like, well, mamas, kinda, in their Lilly Pulitzer getups, Day-Glo purses, and blown-out hair. But they're clearly, actually, really young. You know why we know they're not old farts? The Minnie Mouse ears! Dead giveaway. And the glowing pink braids in the hair. They prove you can be Palm Beachy and South Beachy. 

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Maciel Vargas
Maciel Vargas

Meh, not enough booties and half naked hussies on Holy Ship. 2/10

Patrick Garcia
Patrick Garcia

My a favorite fashion moments were all thanks to Cheap Miami

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