David Bowie is Back with a New Video and Upcoming Album, The Next Day

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2. "Heroes" 
Here we find the ever-dapper Bowie performing everyone's favorite Eno collaboration with turnpike toll-booth fashion icon and odd-ball guitarist extraordinaire, Adrien Belew. The new Bowie release was produced by the same Tony Visconti that was behind this and a myriad of other notable Bowie releases. 

1. "Heathen (The Rays)"  
From Bowie's 2002 electronically tweaked and lush sounding Heathen, the man is obviously digging deep in this clip. Entrenched in both emotion and blue-silk, this is a really prime example of what we'd like to get from the live Bowie performances we just know we're going to be granted in 2013. And, since we've done nothing to suppress our guitar-dork tendencies, that's long-time collaborator, Earl Slick, hiding behind the dark specs. 

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Good gawd that new slow song was like sticking scissors in my ears.....horrible and completely embarrassing. I don't care who you once were...some older bands have lost their ability to create new music! Give it up please!!!!!


Was a huge fan since Hunky Dory. Most people run out of steam and ideas after a while, but Bowie? He gave us innovative and powerful music for so many years. That all ended with Let's Dance and China Girl.

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