Elvis Stars in Army of Darkness in Dave Berns' Iron Forge Press Creation

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"Printing his work is always an interesting and fun experience," Loose says of the artist, "since each subsequent ink color application reveals more graphic detail that is not always apparent at a casual first glance. I notice his gig poster work tends to elicit the kind of reaction we aim for: Upon first viewing there's the 'Whoa! Cool!' effect as the viewer's eye grasps the image, reads the text, absorbs the 'big picture,' followed by a longer gazing, the revelation of more visual detail and the more knowing 'whoaaaaaa' reaction, 'There's a lot of stuff going on here.'"

Berns isn't done creating music-focused images with Iron Forge Press either. He's got two more gig posters on deck for Willie Nelson and Tenacious D. He'll also be showing his work in other galleries. Triumphantly, he admits: "I'm well on my way to accomplishing my 2013 goal of establishing myself in this developing niche of the larger art and illustration world."

Hail to the King.

Posters are available for pre-order through Ink and Pistons, 2716 South Dixie Highway, West Palm Beach. now and prints will be available by no later than January 26 at the shop and on hotdamnarts.com.


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2716 S. Dixie Highway, West Palm Beach, FL

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Tom Braga
Tom Braga

He was reading the Necoronomicon on the john....Well, that explains what happened to him and where he is now... "Klatuu, Brada...nic..nic.. nictu..Ah thank ya, thank ya very much"

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