In Flames' Drummer Daniel Svensson on Golfing with Alice Cooper

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When I joined, it was right before Colony and we had five guys that were really committed to tour as much as possible and see how far we could bring this music because we felt that we had something special. You can't just be in your rehearsing room practicing and then sometimes release an album, you need to get out on the road. We decided to do that after the release of Colony, and I think that was the most important thing, and then, secondly, came the music itself. But I think that transition was more important than the sound of that album.

Do you ever see the band moving back towards the older sound a little bit, with a little more of the death metal vocals and a little more of the aggression? 

Time will tell. We use songs that produce albums that we see interesting today, we write songs that enjoy playing, and whether it is more growling or less growling, that is not really important -- we don't really say before recording that "this time, we need more clean vocals or less guitar solos." We write songs that we feel represent what we stand for today, and songs that we can perform in front of our fans and that's not cheating. 

I saw that Anders has mentioned the possibility of a new record in 2013. Any more word on that and have you guys started writing yet?

No, we won't have time to release an album this year, but most likely get one out next year. Hopefully we will record it this year. We are going to be on tour until at least the end of the summer, and we're not a band that can write on the road. We have to wait until we get back home, and for the tour cycle to end this chapter so to speak. 

In Flames is going to be on the 70k Tons of Metal Cruise coming up. As a metal fan, are there any bands you're really excited to see perform?

To be honest, I don't really know who else is playing! (laughs)

Have you guys played a cruise before?

No, it's the first cruise we've ever played! We're not really big fans of these things because (I think) the live show suffers a little bit, and we're keen on looking and sounding good all of the time. We've built the reputation of being a good live band, which I think we are, but this is a special occasion and we know a lot of bands who have played these shows and they say it's pretty cool and that the fans appreciate it and take it for what it is. They know it's not your show and they accept the compromises you have to make on these kinds of stages, so we decided to make it happen this time.

For being a relatively small place, Sweden -- and Gothenburg specifically -- has put out a staggering amount of influential bands. Can you offer any insight into why this is the case?

It is, and it was a good climate, for young people to start bands. We pay a lot of taxes in Sweden, and sometimes you can actually benefit from that. When we grew up, you could form a band and we got lent drum kits and rehearsal spaces at youth centers which helped and created a lot of new bands, so I think that's a big part of it. It's fucking expensive if you want to start a band and have no one to help you, so it's a very good climate for up and coming bands in Sweden. 

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